The WCSMC is the premier international conference for cricket research, bringing together the most eminent researchers in the field, as well as world renowned coaches, players and administrators. Building on the notable successes of previous congresses held in Shropshire (U.K), 1999; Cape Town (S.A) 2003; Bridgetown, (W.I) 2007; Chandigarh, (India) 2011; and Sydney (Australia), 2015; this conference will facilitate knowledge exchange and promote discussion among the international cricket community.

The aims of this congress are to:

  • join together sport scientists and medicine practitioners with academics, teachers, students, administrators and coaches, particularly those involved in cricket.
  • present the most recent and cutting edge research findings in cricket science and technology, covering a diverse range of topics, increasing knowledge in all the major disciplines of cricket.
  • provide a cricket science forum that encourages a wide attendance of various backgrounds, including but not limited to health practitioners, sports scientists, coaches, players, administrators, umpires and interested public.
  • to promote ways of playing cricket that are safer, better and fairer by seeking research contributions from all relevant scientific disciplines, including biomechanics, motor control, exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy, nutrition, sports psychology, and coaching science.
  • to encourage scientific discussions on the future areas of research, in particular addressing those areas in which understanding is limited, always with the view of advancing the game of cricket for the betterment of all.
  • to disseminate scientific knowledge to an international audience, encouraging participation from all ICC-affiliated cricket playing nations, not just those nations that have acquired Test playing status.

To achieve these aims the organising committee endeavour to provide:

  • a rich and varied conference program
  • an international audience
  • expert speakers
  • social program facilitating exchange among congress participants